"Here Comes Trouble", starring Dustin Tavella, is a unique, high energy, stage show for all ages and demographics. Combining live music, magic, comedy, and interactive video, this show is guaranteed to keep you wanting more. Dustin Tavella has been performing music and magic professionally for years. Until now, these things have always been separate. But, for the first time, Dustin has created a show that combines these 2 things in ways that no one ever has. Aside from the entertainment factor, this show is unique, as its goal is to challenge and inspire viewers. Dustin has always had a heart to impact people and use his gifts in a way that will make a difference. This show has been designed to spark a sense of joy, but also a sense of purpose. It challenges audience members to become child-like again... to put down distractions and to become present with the world around them. Get tickets before they vanish!


     "Here Comes Trouble" is suitable for all ages and many different kinds of venues. To bring this show to your school, theater, church, corporate event, or anything else, please contact Tara Tavella. Pricing will vary


PHONE: 323-207-0511

"Too Many People Grow Up" - Walt Disney

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